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                                                      Wolfpack nation!!!! 

                                  Time to meet the Two with the vision. 


          Joe Garza (CEO), of the Texas Red Wolves


   A little about the leader of the pack Mr. Garza….. A desire of mentoring children of all ages and walks of life Mr. Garza grew up in San Antonio playing many sports and then began coaching. In line with his desire Kick Start Sports was born in 2014 along with his wonderful wife Stephanie Garza through initiatives with the community.  Joe and Stephanie shared the vision of introducing children in the community to a variety of sports teaching them the basic skills to participate and promote an active lifestyle.


          Stephanie Garza (CEO), of The Texas Red Wolves


   Mrs. Garza brings over 18 years of Management , leadership and marketing experience. As a wife &  mother of 6 kids her drive is balancing business and family making multitasking a Big job on its own. Mrs. Garza has worked in the community and surrounding communities for well over 16 years as an Event Coordinator , Business Liaison , Management Leader for several companies most of which were contracted services for large corporate companies. Her specialty also being in Demographic research, Retail Visual Presentation & Safety environment control . She has a passion for her Family and Community and loves that she can combine the both in their family businesses. ( Kick Start Sports, Kick Start CPR, and Love it Stefunny!)

   Her experience also brings many years of business relationships built throughout the years and have continued to grow. She believes in GrassRoots Marketing and One on One True Introductions in helping others in their business and or to offer resources within the community , for success.    

   In 2015 staying true to his passion, desire, and initiatives Joe and Stephanie made a big decision with the Support of their family to take on the thrilling challenge of owning a professional franchise which is now known as the Texas Red Wolves which is housed in San Antonio, TX playing in the American Basketball Association (ABA) the very same league that the San Antonio Spurs played in back in the 70's.

   Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Garza and family on the acquisition of the Texas  Red Wolves and In the famous words of Albert Einstein “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”. Your success is a testament to the quote however your initiative, drive and passion will set the tone for what will be a beloved franchise in the San Antonio area.                                                                   

                      No longer hidden…. The Red Wolves are on the prowl. 

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