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Kick Start Sports: Lighting the Path to Athletic Dreams

In the heart of a bustling city, where the cacophony of life often drowns individual dreams, a beacon of hope emerged in 2015. Kick Start Sports, a non-profit organization, was born out of the shared passion of a couple who believed in the transformative power of sports.

For both Stephanie and Joe Garza, sports were more than just a game; it was a way of life. They had witnessed firsthand the magic that unfolded when a child held a basketball for the first time or kicked a soccer ball with gleeful abandon. But they also recognized a harsh reality. The world of sports, with its immense potential to shape young lives, was often barricaded behind hefty fees, making it inaccessible to many.

Registration costs, monthly dues, equipment, uniforms - the list seemed endless and daunting. Many parents, especially single ones, found themselves in a dilemma. How could they invest so much in a sport their child might not even pursue in the long run?

Enter Kick Start Sports. Stephanie and Joe’s vision was clear: to break down these financial barriers and introduce children to the basic fundamentals of various sports. This way, kids could explore, enjoy, and decide for themselves if a particular sport resonated with their hearts, without burning a hole in their parents' pockets.

The initiative was a roaring success. Playgrounds buzzed with activity, as children tried their hand at basketball, soccer, tennis, and more. The joy of discovery was palpable, and many found their calling.

However, like many ventures worldwide, Kick Start Sports faced an unforeseen challenge with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The playgrounds fell silent, and the organization had to momentarily step back. But Stephanie and Joe's spirit remained unbroken. They used this time to reflect, plan, and come back stronger.

Now, as the world steps into 2023 and looks forward to 2024, Kick Start Sports is gearing up to reignite the dreams of countless children. The mission remains unchanged: to help kids find their niche, guide them, and give them the confidence to chase their dreams, regardless of when they start.

After all, age is but a number in the world of sports. Michael Phelps, an Olympic legend, began his swimming journey at 11. His story stands testament to the fact that it's never too late to start, and with the right guidance, the sky's the limit.

Kick Start Sports is not just about teaching sports; it's about instilling hope, perseverance, and the belief that every child, irrespective of their background, deserves a fair shot at discovering their potential. Stephanie and Joe's message to every child is clear: "It's never too late to start, and we're here to guide you every step of the way."

In a world where dreams often get lost in the hustle and bustle, Kick Start Sports serves as a reminder that with passion, guidance, and a little push in the right direction, every child can find their way to the stars.

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